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Improving productivity

Discover the latest industry trends

Improving productivity is a constant objective in industry. The latest industrial trends offer innovative solutions for achieving this. Automation and robotics continue to play a central role, increasing efficiency and reducing human error. As for digital platforms and integrated management software, they facilitate collaboration between teams and the management of complex projects.

To boost productivity in a variety of fields, TRA-C industrie specializes in Friction Stir Welding or FSW. FSW is a revolutionary welding technique that offers an effective alternative to traditional welding methods. It uses a friction process to join materials without fusion.

In an ever-changing world, staying on top of the latest industry trends is essential to remain competitive and prosper. By incorporating these innovations, companies not only optimize their productivity, but also position themselves as leaders in a competitive market.

State-of-the-art industrial machinery

Industrial machines at the heart of the evolution of different sectors

Able to adapt and learn from their environment, intelligent machines transform production lines into more flexible systems. These advanced machines reduce production costs.

Automotive industry

Construction industry

Aerospace manufacturing

Food industry

Industry dynamics and industrial machine integration

Various machine types

Overview of industrial machines

Every type of machine plays an important role in industrial production.

Find out more about the different types of machine and how they help shape the modern world.

Rapid prototyping

Additive manufacturing machines (3D printing)

With 3D printing, objects can be created by superimposing layers of material. This revolutionary technology opens the door to a multitude of possibilities in a wide range of fields.

Power and precision

Hydraulic and mechanical presses

Hydraulic and mechanical presses shape and deform a variety of materials, from metal to plastic to rubber. These machines fascinate with their ingenuity and efficiency.

Revolutionary potential

CNC (computer numerical control) machines

CNC machines are revolutionizing production processes by enabling the automated manufacture of complex parts. These range from electronic components to automotive parts. They design a variety of materials with remarkable precision.

Repair & maintenance

Overhaul & refurbishment of obsolete machines

By applying preventive and corrective maintenance techniques, companies can minimize downtime and improve machine reliability. What’s more, the adoption of predictive maintenance solutions, based on the analysis of data collected in real time, enables failures to be predicted before they occur, thus ensuring continuous, uninterrupted production. Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery includes detailed inspection, replacement of worn parts and updating of control systems.

Technological innovations

Advances that are revolutionizing industrial machines

Cutting-edge technologies are opening up new possibilities in fields as diverse as real-time monitoring,

predictive maintenance and computer-aided design.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things enables machines to communicate and cooperate seamlessly, improving the efficiency and productivity of industrial processes.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence neural networks enable machines to optimize production processes in real time.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality is transforming the manufacturing experience. It is used in fields as varied as training, maintenance and design.